If we have done construction for you and you have a maintenance question, PLEASE CALL IMMEDIATELY. Most issues are easily explained and solved with little effort. But remember, lack of regular care of a septic, leach lines or a drywell can lead to big, expensive problems down the road.

For general questions, we are always happy to take a phone call. We enjoy our work, and want to help you.

For estimates on your project, please contact us. Quotes are prompt and free. On most drywell jobs, we will need to see the site plan, utility or civil plans and any details. PEI does consultation on design in many cases.

If you need a septic system, we must have the following to obtain testing, design and permit:

    • site plan to scale 1"=30' min.
    • floor plan showing rooms & fixtures
    • recorded property deed
    • shared well agreement if applicable
    • form 5005 and W-9 if you are a general contractor

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