In business since 1970, we at Pinal Excavation Inc. (PEI) take pride in the fact that our company can offer drilling and utility construction with the same quality as the competition for far less cost to our clients. How can we do this? We watch the bottom line.

We are located in Pinal County in central Arizona and we service the entire state. We operate a precast yard and manufacture several components used in the course of our construction. We subcontract less than 08% of total construction per job on average. The local suppliers we use are prompt and offer exceptional quality materials. PEI understands what is required by law in the different areas we work in. PEI drillers are familiar with the soils and drill conditions in these places. Our estimators are familiar with the necessities of individual jobs because they themselves have experience on the rigs. 


PEI is proud of our workmans' comp safety rating ( .92% Exp. Mod. ). And because PEI can complete it for less money, the savings are passed on to our clients. You are not paying for a fancy logo or unnecessary components. What you are paying for is construction done per city and state code that you can have confidence in. Our goal is to get in there, get it done, and get to the next job. We know it is important to you, our clients so you can get your projects done on time for less capital.